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We help brands make products


With many years of experience in design, development, sourcing, branding for footwear and soft goods companies big and small, I can help you to navigate the path from initial idea to packaged product on the shelf. I offer up a full range of services including initial strategy, idea generation, concept sketching, product design, product rendering, line building, full technical packages, development, production and sourcing help. I also offer branding, graphic identity and packaging design.


I have been designing and building stuff since I was a little kid. I ended up going to art school and getting a degree in Industrial Design and Graphic Design. I spent the first 9 years of my professional career working in-house for big companies, designing kids products, then shoes. I struck out on my own years ago and I launched my own consulting business, helping companies design and make products. I never looked back. I even launched a couple of brands on my own along the way.  I love the process and the excitement of taking ideas and figuring out how to turn them into tangible goods.


Give me a call or shoot me an email  - I’d love to discuss your project needs.


- Joel Rusnak




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